Friday, May 22, 2009

back to yst..
the maths paper was sucks.there's alot of trigonometry question which i hate the most.coz i haven't mastered it yet.but somehow i did try to answer it and i'm sure that i'm going to get low marks for my paper2.
then after school,i reached home around 2pm if i not mistaken.then he sent a message to me asking whether am i taken my lunch yet.and the message part goes on till 7pm.he told me that he wants to revise awhile and i'm ok with i was sitting there watching tv while looking at my pengajian book but thats only awhile.i was too busy watching tv.i watched till around 10 something and he sent me a message saying that he's done with his we message till 11 something and he called me.that conversation lasted for almost an hour.i'm seriously happy to hear his voice and his laughing.n that makes me feel so happy and i can actually smile sweetly from my heart ya.imagine how happy am i..=)

22th of may 2009

today was the pengajian am paper 2 examination.i got no comment in this paper till i get back my paper.after school,we are going to metro point for bowling.its was fun but somehow i didn't get good score for it.we played 2 games before we started to play futsal.i was not good at it so i was telling them i'm not playing.i will just watched u guys playing but nils was saying that it doesnt matter.nils and i was in 1 group while mathew,loges and pele was in the other group.this was fun because those group who lose is going to crawl under the table.guess who is under the table now...??
our group or mathew's group??
the answer is : mathew's group =)
so after that we moved to mcd for our lunch and we were chatting till around 5 something.i really enjoyed chatting with them as in i get to learn more things from them.when nils told me that how much he suffers last time,i seriously got a shocked and i actually cried in from of them.maybe he's right.i'm emotional.but i just cant stand it.its hard to believe that.anyway have a great time talking with him.

in mcd

nils and i in mcd

the 4 guys

i think thats all for now...


Thursday, May 14, 2009

a memorable day

last tuesday i didn't attend school because i'm sick and having mc from the doctor to stay at home.but in the morning around 7am i drove to school to pass my chemistry notes to my friend and asked her to pass it back to mr kali was a great teacher.on monday itself i went and see him to ask him about chemical bonding and he told me that he forgot to bring his he said maybe he can drive back to seremban to get it since our examination is next week.and i said 'ya should get it since our exam is near and i dont understand at all'.i was just joking and he said ok.he reached school around 11.15am.he was such a great teacher and he's one of my favourite teacher for now.he's sporting,funny and he's quite relax..he don't gave us stress like what other teachers did to us.anyway good job mr kali..=)

back to tuesday,i reached home around 7.30am and i went up and finished my work awhile and i went to sleep till around 10am when my sister called me and ask where am i since she didn't see me in my bro's room.she was asking me to ask my mum to go for buffet in shogun,sunway pyramid because she didn't want to get scolded from my i called my mum and asked.she said wait till she reached home and the end my mum said ok since she wants to go midvalley to get her we ate till around 2 something and we left to that time,i was smsing with my friend and he told me that he's on his way to midvalley too.such a coincident.i was happy that i get to see him there.he told me that he will be in mph and my sis want to get her stuff there so we went to mph 1st my sister saw him and told me that he's there and i just passby that place and msg him.then i was talking to my mum and all of the sudden he was standing in front of me.i got a shocked and all i can do is just smile.then both of us chit chatting till around 4pm and we left mph.i was happy that i get to see him there.

at night,both of us was smsing and he told me that he's waiting till 12am which is wednesday (13th mayb 09) and then only he's going to sleep.i asked him why and he told me that i will know when the time both of us continue smsing till 12am and he told me that 13th february which is 3 months ago that was the 1st time we met and started to talk to each other.i was so touched when he told me that because he actually went and find out all the date.i was so happy till i cant say anything other than hugging my pillow and thank god that i met him.he's always there for me when i'm in need and he's the only one that can make me smile and laugh most of the time especially when i'm sad and stress up.i really appreciate him alot as he changes my life and brighten up my day most of the time..anyway good job ya..^^

oh ya..i bought a high heel which around 3 and a half inch.that was all black and it looks nice but i don't think i'm going to wear it that often.

i think thats all for now..

*happy mood*


Monday, May 11, 2009

last saturday i went to midvalley with my sister and mum.we reached there around 12 something and we searched for a restaurant for us to have lunch and i told my mum sushi king before she suggested us to go for kenny roger' we went there and had our lunch.i saw miss lynn there.she used to be kajang branch temporary manager last year who hired me as a kaiten crew and now she's in midvalley branch.she recognised me when i looked at her.we sat there and chit chatting till around 2pm and we left.
we just walked around to pass our time since we got nothing to do at home.usually my sister will be the one who going to buy alot of stuff but surprisingly that day she bought nothing due to lack of cash.then all of the sudden she asked me :

sister : camy, what you want to buy??buy lar..boring ler camy : i'm broke also ler.ask mum to sponsor both of us rm100 =p
mum : i'm got no money to sponsor la girl.i'm lack of cash too...
sister : neh,camy that watch so no money already..good for her...
camy : i like arh..(bluek)
sister : speechless....(...)

continue walking.....
reached a japanese shop which selling those products from japan..we went in and have a looked and my sis bought a packet of seaweed and a cup of green tea ice cream.that ice cream was so freaking nice.i can say its better than the BR green tea ice cream! so after that we went to carrefour for awhile.mum wants to buy some grocery from there and i took 4 bottles of yogurt drinks.mum was asking why am i taking till 4 bottles and i said neh..gor can finished one bottle per day and its cheap ma..then she got nothing to say..haha...actually i dont really like yogurt drinks but i'm just buying it for the seek of buying when they want to pay i told my sis that i want the ice cream and she said go get another 3 i went all the way up and get it.i don't mind walking all the way there because that ice cream is so freaking nice..after that we was heading back to kajang and reached my house around 5pm.

once i reached home,i changed my clothes and went up to finish up my homework and my bro suddenly came back and said celebrate mother's day today since tomorrow which is sunday he's not i called my mum and told her that we are going to old klang road for dinner.she asked me to fetch her around 6.30pm and i said ok.i left my house around 6.20pm and it took me around 20 minutes to reach kajang town to fetch my can imagine how jam is it in kajang.reached home around 7pm and i quickly ran into the bathroom and took my shower.we left around 7.30pm and reached the restaurant around 8 something i bro was speeding.

the food wasn't that bad.the crab was nice.oh..i love seafood..basically i love food..wherever i go the 1st thing in my mind was FOOD!so we reached home around 10pm and i slept at 3am in the morning to finish up my things and due to the hot weather,i took a cold bath at 1am and supper around 2.30am.

i think thats all for now...


Saturday, April 25, 2009

muet test

today was the 1st muet test for us.i am so nervous and scared of the essay part.its an academic writing and no longer form 5 style.i'm not good in writing.i reached school around 7am and non of friends was i called my friends and ask them to come as soon as possible.they reached around 7.15am and we walked to out form 6 block together.the 1st thing i reached there,my friends and i entered the room which we are not allowed to do the examiner came and asked us to wait outside.the 1st paper itself was so boring.i nearly fell asleep because of the text is so damn long and boring.

after that we are given 20 minutes break.i was reading those example essay from my friend's book.i seriously got no mood to write essay but i have too.*sigh*.the paper was sucks.its difficult and i'm going to get lower than band 4.i'm sure of that.but thank god we are having another test somewhere around october.i will try my best for that paper.i dont hope to get band 5 or 6.i just need a minimun of band 4.after the writing part,it was the listening.another paper that sucks to the maximun.i got no mood for it and started to ask my friends to go for bowling.but they got something to when i'm on the way to the dewan,i saw few of my form4 friends.they ask me to lepak with them i said ok since i got no transport back and have to take teksi 3 of us started to chit chat till some of the fella came and disturbed so we didnt continue with it.

they actually finished up my water.when they were drinking water,their president started to count and they have to run there and make a i was sitting there and look at them.till all of the sudden the guy march till my place and give respect to me and i didnt know what to do(i'm not in st john).so the other fella came and asked me to stand up and teached me what to do.all of us was laughing actually and they asked me to join i said ok and asked one of the guy to hold my bag and march while i'm standing in front of him and march.i was actually just walking like normal and they started to irritate me by asking me to march properly this and that.

around 2pm,we went out for 1st the said want to go pizza hut but there's a lot of people and i saw my friends there.i went and said hi to them and later on they said want to go we walked to mcd.when on the way to mcd,we were joking around and suddenly one of them pull my hair and didnt want to let go and one of the motorist thought that they are trying to bully me and hon all of us was laughing.

back to school around 3 something.they got scolded from their president because they are supposed to reached school early to finished up their work.but before that i did said i will helped them.i dont mind because i got nothing to do there after that i went down to the field and they actually wanted to throw the flour on me.i quickly avoid from getting it but they managed to take my rubber band and made me chased them to get it back.they want me to let go of my hair i didnt want too.the weather is too hot.i need the rubber band but they still didnt want to give it back to me and one of the guy actually took the string that they are using to tie my hair.

around 5pm before i went back,they actually chased me and wanted to throw the flour on me.i was hiding behind the guy but the other guy came and hold my hands and his friends poured the flour on my hair was white!and my bag was dirty.then my mum called me and asked me to wait at the dewan.when i took my bag,they were asking where am i going and i said i'm going the guy asked me to give him i give him and his friend want to shake hand with me but i saw he was holding flour.i wanted to avoid but too bad i cant.once again i got it from them.this is the 1st time i stayed in school since morning till 5 something in the evening.i was exhausted and sweating like hell.

sleepy and tired~


Thursday, April 23, 2009

2nd post out

this week was quite fun.i was enjoying myself to the maximun but somehow i got nervous for my MUET speaking component..i didnt do that well in that test but i will try my best for the may and october MUET usual,my friends and i will play around in the class but now we started it off with a new game by throwing plastic bag into their clothes.

its started off like this; i was busy copying the notes that the teacher gave and all of the sudden my friend pulled my shirt and put her hand into it.i got a shocked and wanted to avoid because i didnt know what she's trying to do and nearly fell off from my chair.the teacher was looking at us but he didnt say during the whole 2 period of maths we were laughing at the back while the teacher was writing the notes on the whiteboard.he even said that we dont look like form 6 he going to treat us like a small kids by bringing a cane to class next time.( dont think he will do that) hopefully ya...

today i got so pissed off with few people.they are just making my day worst.they are so irresponsible and incooperative.this is the most important criteria but they dont even have it.sorry to say that.during muet period,the teacher was not in class so most of them doing their own things and i just joined my friends out there by chit chatting and talking crap.while waiting for my friend to come.i left my phone on the table and asked my friend to look after it and i walked around in the class.then one of my friend called me and told me that she wants the chocolate.and asked who gave it to me this and that.i was like 'huh??' then i didnt replied her and said u are not suppose to see my phone ya.and all of them laughed.

around 12pm my friend safely escaped his class and followed me to do with our bowling stuff.thank god he came on time because by that time my friend wanted to throw plastic bags into my clothes.when he came,she actually stopped doing that and telling me that someone is i quickly ran into the class and grabbed my things and went to form 5 least both of us get it done by today.thank god that he's helpful most of the time.if not i think i will be the one who doing all the things by myself.

thats all for today.
cant think of anything else and kind of lazy to type.